Sava and Cann Launch Exclusive Bay Area Partnership


WHAT: Sava, a cannabis ecommerce marketplace, has partnered with Cann, makers of all natural low-dose social tonics, to release a co-branded limited-edition flavor exclusive to the Bay Area: Lime Basil.

WHO: Sava and Cann, two Bay Area-based, queer-founded, values-driven companies that emphasize using cannabis for wellness and pleasure as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

WHEN: Lime Basil will be available beginning April 15 through Sava’s distribution network (delivery radius and hours can be seen here)

TELL ME MORE: Lime Basil is perfect for spring and summer with fresh, bright notes of basil and a lasting lime punch at the end.  It contains just five simple ingredients and comes in at 35 calories per can. As with all Cann flavors, each can offers a microdosed 1:2 ratio of THC to CBD (2 mg THC, 4 mg CBD) for an uplifting social buzz. Lime basil is available in packs of four 8-oz cans for $12.

The can artwork takes inspiration from the Sava and Cann founders’ San Francisco origins with outlines of the Golden Gate Bridge, plus nods to female empowerment and Sava co-founder & CEO Andrea Brooks’ heart and diamond tattoo.


Sava was built by a team of women who are passionate about changing the conversations around cannabis. As the leading cannabis ecommerce marketplace, Sava curates the highest quality products, appealing to newcomers and connoisseurs alike, and delivers throughout the extended Bay Area. Sava is a womxn/LGBTQ/Latinx-owned, values-driven marketplace that always maintains 50% of the brands as women-owned and 20% as BIPOC-owned. Sava supports small artisan and legacy brands in addition to everyone’s favorite big brands. The goal is to usher in the new era of cannabis, one where it is used for wellness and pleasure as part of a balanced lifestyle. 


Cann social tonics are actually low dose and actually delicious. Each one is microdosed with 1:2 ratio of THC & CBD, so you can(n) enjoy more than one, and experience a light, refreshing social buzz within 10-15 minutes. With five simple all-natural ingredients, and 30-35 calories per Cann, they make the perfect substitute for that glass of wine, but without the hangover the next morning. 

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